The Course


Hole 1 - 415m par 4 - Stroke 4

The first hole at Observatory Golf Club immediately showcases some of the unique characteristics that you will see throughout the golf course. A fairly narrow fairway that is framed by trees on both sides. The premuim is definitely on accuracy rather than distance. The second shot is played into a fairly small green that is protected by bunkers on both sides as well as a steep run off to the left which should be avoided at all costs.


Hole 2 - 502m par 5 - Stroke 18

The first Par 5 on the golf cousre again requires an accurate tee shot. For the longer hitters the fairway does narrow up the further you get the ball out there. This is definitely a reachable par 5 but requires a certain amount of accuracy to avoid a water sluit that runs alongside the green, as well as a bunker to the left.


Hole 3 - 416m par 4 – Stroke 2

This difficult par 4 requires a tee shot to favour the left half of the fairway as the hole dog-legs to the left quite drastically. The second shot is played over the sluit which runs through the golf course up the hill to a green that is on a plateau with a run off to the right and a bunker strategically placed in the front right to catch any shots that come up short.


Hole 4 - 181m par 3 – Stroke 8

This is a very visually rewarding golf hole with the tee-shot hit from an elevated position to a large green protected by a stream infront, and a bunker on the right hand side.  


Hole 5 - 370m par 4 - Stroke 12

Also a great uphill, short par 4, dog leg to the right, from the tee box you need to clear a stream the fairway is protected by large pines on the right of the fairway; the long hitters can go for the green but do not stray left or right or you will end up with a bogey.


Hole 6 - 337m par 4 – Stroke 6

Also a great uphill, short par 4, dog leg to the right and a fast sloping green will challenge your putting skills. From the tee box the fairway is protected by a large pine slap in the middle of the fairway and providing for a difficult 2nd shot. The long hitters can go for the green you will have a wedge to the green but do not stray left or right or you will end up with a bogey.


Hole 7 - 507m par 5 - Stroke 16

This hole offers a panoramic view of Joburg and is the highest point on the course take a moment and enjoy, this hole is not as easy as it looks and a great par 5, the fairway is wide and flat to start with then slopes down to a water hole and protected by a creek on the left you need to lay up your 2nd short of the water leaving an easy wedge to the green, looks easy but fade and you’re out of bounds in order to go for this green in two.


Hole 8 - 189m par 3 – Stroke 10

Not too many problems on this par three, two bunkers protect the front of the green and the boundary fence 10 metres from the right of the green, club selection is important but an easy par is on the scorecard!


Hole 9 - 494m par 5 - Stroke 14

Not a hole for the unfit, a good drive will leave you a three wood into the green or a ball out of bounds on the right, the left is protected by sloping rough on this uphill par five, be careful not to go through the green on your approach shot, in general a good hole to make up a shot or to.


Hole 10 - 430m par 4 – Stroke 1

This one is straight to the hole the fairway narrows to the green, the green is long and narrow with bunkers front and left and out of bounds to the right as well, a well placed 2nd will make your day.


Hole 11 - 141m par 3 - Stroke 13

A short hole with a large bunker protecting the full front and left side of a large green surrounded by large pines, if you're short you’re in. A par three with many pin placement options club selection is important here.


Hole 12 - 393m par 4 – Stroke 7

Do not be fooled by this hole, it looks straight forward from the tee but a bad tee shot will put you in lots of trouble. The green is small, surrounded by bunkers and a steep slope on the left with out of bounds on the right.


Hole 13 - 342m par 4 - Stroke 5

If you like a narrow fairway this is your hole, the right hand side of the fairway is protected by a long bunker almost the length of the fairway embankment on the left. The green is elevated and small but leaves an easy 2nd to the green.


Hole 14 - 478m par 5 – Stroke 17

A blue gum lined, slight dog leg to the right a narrow start from the tee box, your drive needs to be straight, clip a tree and you will be in trouble, but a good drive will leave you with an easy 2nd onto the green. A birdie hole for most.


Hole 15 - 120m par 3 - Stroke 11

This par 3 starts high, commonly known as the Pulpit, you play down to a small well bunkered and raised green, place your ball just off the green and you will need a great chip to recover.


Hole 16 - 331m par 4 – Stroke 15

This par 4 offers good results for well-placed shots, a dog leg to the left and water on the right a good drive and wedge to the green and you’re in for a birdie.


Hole 17 - 386m par 4 – Stroke 3

A long narrow tree lined fairway, you have to hit a good tee shot, the green is slightly elevated and is not easy to hit.


Hole 18 - 387m par 4 – Stroke 9

A nice hole to finish with, not too much trouble from the tee a wide fairway a large green with two bunkers guarding the left and right, makes for a good birdie opportunity on the last hole, especially where it is slap bang in front of the “19th”.



Greens-Bend/Poa mixture


Bunkers-Silica(USGA SPEC)

The Score Card